Visitor Information

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We want our visitors to get the maximum enjoyment and benefit from our wonderful open air swimming pool.  We have put together the the following information to provide all the information you should need to get the most out of your visit.

If there is other information you need and can't find here or on other pages of our website please use the Contact Us page or telephone us on 01285 653947 (only during opening times).

Please note: Our pool is run by volunteers who work in their work in their spare time for the benefit of visitors and the charity that runs the pool. Please be patient whilst waiting for a response to your request

Opening Times

Our pool is open to the general public from mid May until mid September. These times may vary from year  to year. However, at certain times the pool maybe closed to general swimming for specific events, such as our Aqua Aerobics sessions.

Please check our Pool Timetable Page for up to date opening times.

Weekday Opening

Monday through Friday: The pool is normally open from 7am until 6:45pm 

Please note: From 7am to 9am the pool is restricted to lane swimming only.

During the week there are also special sessions such including Aqua aerobics, parent and toddler sessions and lane only swims. Please check our Pool Timetable Page for up to date details

Weekend Opening

Saturday: 9am until 5:45pm

Sunday: 10am until 5:45pm

Specific Timings

If you have specific plans for your time at the Pool or are travelling from a distance, please check the Pool Timetable Page for events which may impact on your plans. There are a few occasions when the pool is closed for couple of hours for a special event or booking. The diary will show the times the pool is closed for one of these . We also aim to place information about any closures on Pool Diary at least 5 days before. Please do check the Pool Diary.